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low Bar Playlists

currated by the cocktail creators

So Says I
weird and wonderful. confident and comfortable

polish up your rims and cruise the boulevard with your heina.

Shrute Route Playlist
a little angst is healthy for the soul.

Deadbeat Summer Playlist
its gonna be summer forever

The Dimond Canyon Playlist
late summertime sippers

Shiso Lovely Playlist
silky smooth and ready to groove

Crikey Caramba Playlist
south of the border and down unda

Clever Girl
It's a well known fact dinosaurs liked wierd dance music and a whole lotta tape compression

Como La FloR
love is complicated, sometimes unrequited. a cocktail might help.
a-a-ay, cómo me duele

REdstripe Rhapsody Playlist
cusping seasonal berry, holding on to the old and breathing into the new. bitter and mellow.

Honey hi Playlist
rich, golden, classic, smooth

Pineapple Express Playlist
smoky island vibes tho, 420 4 eva

Oaxacan Green Machine Playlist
lean, mean, smoky machine

Billy Jack Playlist
coming in hot with that billy jack sound

amor Prohibido Playlist
tastes like forbidden love


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