Whats a 

Low Bar?

To us, Low Bar means three things:

amazing cocktails, delicious food, and 

a great time.

The name Low Bar is cheeky, suggesting that your expectations can only be exceeded. We are a chef-driven cocktail bar, rather, a dive bar with a makeover and a dream. We are the place that you keep coming back to. Low Bar is committed to serving food and drinks that will make you glad you put on pants and walked through our doors, knowing well that you might leave without them.

Whether it be a night out with friends, an alcohol fueled happy hour with coworkers, dinner alone on your birthday, or just a nightcap(s), Low Bar is there to make sure you leave happier (or at least less sober and hungry) than when you arrived.



Low Bar is a new cocktail bar and kitchen in the beloved city of Oakland.

 We are excited to contribute to the vibrant restaurant and bar culture in the East Bay. 

Our space will create a casual drinking and eating environment 

without sacrificing product quality or service. 

Low Bar is a reflection of who we are: thoughtful, creative, unique, fun, and delicious.

We aim to provide more than just great food and drinks. 

Our guests will always be reminded of

how important it is, even for a little while, 

to be carefree.



At Low Bar you can expect casual and hospitable service. We are here to help you maximize your good time. With thorough training, the staff will have the comfort and confidence to provide the level of service that we take pride in. If there's a question, we have an answer. Especially if the question is whether you should order another.

The restaurant includes a 600 square foot private dining room separated from the main seating area. This can be used for additional seating, or rented out for private buyouts and special events.

We intend to build returning clientele by providing an atmosphere that reflects the ease and approachability of our slogan: come for the food and drinks, stay for the food and drinks.